I'm starting to get the feeling that country music is sort of becoming the retirement community for old rockers who still want to make music.  That's a funny observation-not necessarily a bad thing.

Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin did an album with Alison Krauss.  Aaron Lewis of the heavy rock band, Staind, had his album sitting atop the country charts.  Cher's talked of going country as well as Greg Allman.  Add Kid Rock, Uncle Kracker, and the list goes on...

Now Russell Hitchcock of '80s soft rock balladeers, Air Supply, has a country album coming out too.  It's an independent record titled, Russell Hitchcock - Tennessee: The Nashville Sessions, and is set for release May 10th. 

Russell shared his thoughts with  antimusic.com.  "I am more than pleased with this project.  This is not a departure for me, I simply stepped outside the Air Supply box to dip a toe into other waters, an ocean of music that I've admired from afar."  He also added, "This compilation will touch hearts the same way Air Supply music does-just when fans close their eyes as they listen, they'll hear and feel a different musical vibe.  I feel like we ended up with a great piece of art!  Recording in Nashville enabled us to create an organic product; the Southern hospitality, passion and extraordinary talents of the musicians, one and all, bled through into the studio.  It reminded me of recording in  Australia in 1976." 

Russell Hitchcock - Tennessee: The Nashville Sessions is 2 cd's worth of music, featuring 20 songs.  Songwriters that contributed to the album include Josh Thompson, Hal Ketchum, and Wes Hightower.

If this album makes me feel at all like Air Supply music made me feel when I was twelve, we're going to have a good time.  I don't know if I should be admitting that.