There's no need to spend lot's of money on fuel for your family summer vacation, we have the joys, adventure and comfort of Casper Mountain.

Following along with Visit Casper on Instagram, they posted a very informational post in their stories: 5 Things you need to know about camping on Casper Mountain. These 5 things may seem simple to someone that goes and explores Casper Mountain regularly. If you're not the most "outdoorsy" person, but you're ready to take the plunge, these 5 things can keep you from running into disappointing situations.

Number 1: All camp sites can be reserved for $10 per day @ This may take a little pre-planning, make sure that you check into getting a site well before your planned weekend.

Number 2: Restroom Facilities are available at each campground. If you're not an experienced camper, you may not know how great that is. Some camping areas don't have toilets available and makes relieving yourself difficult to some. So make sure you're aware of the bathroom may need to take a bucket! (check out the video at the bottom to get tips)

Number 3: Research the Wyoming Wild and how you need to be prepared. Wildlife, Weather, Sun, Bugs, Bedding, Eating, Drinking, fire restrictions and safety are all things you need to brush up on.

Number 4: Adventure is encouraged, just make sure you're prepared before heading out.

FINALLY Number 5: Be Responsible while enjoying the outdoors. If you're camping where trash cans/dumpsters aren't available, pack it out! Leave the campgrounds and areas you visit better than you found them. 

There you go, 5 easy steps of taking advantage of our LARGE backyard. Save on gas and take in FREE fresh air and beauty.

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