Fall is here and Wyoming if full of wonderful colors and abundant wildlife.  As you're admiring all of the fall colors you might also be fortunate enough to encounter a group of Wyoming's West Coast Lady butterflies.

While walking along the Platte River Parkway the other day (before this rain started) I accidentally walked through a rather large number of butterflies.  There were hundreds of them and I wondered if some sort of migration was taking place. After grabbing a couple of photos and a short video, I went online to try and discover the type of butterflies I had encountered.

Knowing these were not Monarch butterflies (these were smaller and slightly different in color) I quickly found similar images of what I had seen.  Though often mistaken for Monarch or Emperor butterflies, I had witnessed a group of West Coast Lady butterflies which range across much of the western United States.

These butterflies are prolific breeders as long as the days stay warm and can breed throughout the year.  You'll often find them, as I did, foraging around a variety of flowers, bushes and weeds, especially along open spaces with lots of sunshine.

By the way, these butterflies are easily raised in captivity and are the same type of butterflies that are often released at weddings and memorial services.

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