It just dawned on me that the headline above could be taken the wrong way.  Rest assured, we are not "that" kind of a website.  Apologies if you were deceived.

Just trying to getting you ready for upcoming Super Bowl  XLV.(45)

I've taken it upon myself to hook you up with the official website of the NFL.  If you haven't visited lately, they've got a really cool trivia game.  It's the Super Bowl Edition and it puts you right in the game.  Call the plays,  (this ranges the difficulty of your questions.) answer the questions, and send your team into the end zone for the score.  Get it wrong, though, and you lose yardage. 

I even did better than I expected!  And think of the new friends you'll make with your impressive knowledge of the game.  The chip-n-dip station will never be the same! 

You ready?  Just take a click here.