Scotty McCreery spent Easter 2015 at home with family, and it was a special day, as the "See You Tonight" and his mother came together for a beautiful duet at their hometown church.

Scotty and Judy McCreery took the stage at their church First Baptist Church of Garner in Garner, N.C. for an Easter service on April 5, and they gave the churchgoers quite a treat! The two sang "New Again" together, while the words were displayed on a screen behind them so the congregation could join in. The song was previously recorded by Brad Paisley and Sara Evans previously recorded for the Passion of the Christ.

Just one watch of the performance will tell you exactly where McCreery gets his musical genes. The country singer kicks off the song, and even though the words are proudly displayed onscreen, the audience is mostly quiet. Then, Judy begins to sing, and her voice is as smooth as satin. She effortlessly sings each note beside her son.

McCreery's father, Michael, was also on hand to watch his son and wife perform together — he's the one holding the camera and recording a lifelong memory for the McCreery family.

These days, Scotty McCreery is working on new music and is fully focused on his next album. He says he wants his next release to be a little more of a traditional country sound, so that's what fans should expect. As for when? Mum's the word, and patience is a virtue. Stay tuned for more info as it's available.

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