I am convinced that teachers deserve better than they get. If you agree, here's how you could send your favorite Wyoming teacher on a free Norwegian cruise.

Check this out. I found a tip from Travel and Leisure that Norwegian Cruise Lines are giving 15 teachers a free cruise. I scoped out the official nomination form and it's pretty straight-forward. Here's what they say you have to do:

Nominate an educator who demonstrates a passion for spreading the joy of learning (or, if you are one, nominate yourself!). Tell us how your candidate is bringing joy to the classroom, then cast your vote.

There are a couple of aspects to this. First, you can nominate your favorite teacher (or yourself if you are a teacher), then you vote.

I checked the nominees so far and there's only one teacher from Wyoming that I could find. It's Angel Decker from Cheyenne.

I say let's flood Norwegian Cruise Lines with the best teachers Wyoming has to offer. After all, those that have put up with us all these years in the classroom deserve something nice. According to their rules, you have until around midnight on April 12 to get your nominations done.

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