Thanks to the Glenrock Fire Department this event has become an annual tradition, and we hope it continues for years to come!

On July 4th and 5th from 7pm - Midnight you can go to South Rec in Glenrock, WY and safely set off fireworks.

The cost is $10 per vehicle.

The Glenrock Fire Department (GFD) will be there helping to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Each group is given a 4x4 plywood "mat" and fireworks must fit on the mat. This means no using fireworks that stick into the ground.

There will be 18 mats placed on each of the ball fields at South Rec (so 36 groups at a time may set off fireworks).

To reduce congestion, only 2 people from each group will be allowed to shoot off the fireworks. All other spectators must remain outside of the ball field fences. To give spectators a clear view, the GFD will not allow parking along the ball field fences.

Depending on the number of people that attend the event, there may be a small wait for your turn to set off fireworks.

The GFD also asks that the following rules be followed by all attendees.

  1. Only light fireworks in designated firing area, on the plywood, unless, Glenrock Fire Personnel instruct otherwise.
  2. No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the ball field fences where the fireworks are being lit.
  3. Never shoot towards the west (Casper) of the fields or towards Interstate 25.
  4. The lighting of all fireworks will cease immediately if a 5-second horn blast sounds.
  5. Most important of all, have fun and be safe and courteous to others.
  6. The Glenrock Fire Department, Town of Glenrock and Converse County Assume no liability and use of fireworks is at your own risk

If any of these rules are violated you will be asked to leave.

The money collected is used to help support local Glenrock High School groups.

This year the GHS Band will be the receiving the money in exchange for working the gates and cleaning up the grounds after the event.

Please be aware of where you shoot off fireworks in Converse County if you do not attend this function.

It is illegal to shoot off fireworks on State and Federal lands.

You may shoot fireworks off on private property with the consent of the property owner.


For further questions or concerns about this event please contact Captain Brewer

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