Last year the government gave SkyWest Airlines $2.18 million to serve Laramie, according to the Associated Press. Essential Air Service (EAS) pays them to serve rural areas. Essentially, the newly proposed budget would eliminate that.

In Trump's budget are words like wasteful and unnecessary, and it says, “EAS flights are not full, and have a high subsidy cost per passenger.”

Cody is another area that has benefitted, and all of Laramie’s service had been courtesy of EAS, according to the Casper Star. At Yellowstone Regional Airport,  SkyWest is paid $938,000 though winter, but in summer gets more commercial flights without government help.

EAS started in 1978 when the Airline industry was deregulated. It kept Airlines from ignoring unprofitable small markets.

If you're worried this is the last of the EAS, airline analyst Gary Leff blogs that Congress is not likely to cut EAS. Also SkyWest contracts are still good for another 12 months.

Should the government keep funding rural Wyo air travel?

Yes, the EAS is a good program. ... 37.93 Percent 

No, our tax money should fix highways. ... 62.07 Percent

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