The pain is REAL!  When you've got to go, well... any wait in line is extremely painful.  But is CFD ready for a real solution?  We asked and you told us your opinion on Unisex Restrooms.

Researchers may have solved the problem with restroom lines.  Especially for women who can sometime wait for several minutes in a line for the bathroom.

According to a study done in Belgium, there might be a way to speed up lines at every sporting event, concert, festival and it might even work for the huge lines we're about to stand in at Cheyenne Frontier Days.


We asked your opinions and the results are in:

'NO, I Hate That Idea!' was the leading response when asked if 'CFD should convert the restrooms to Unisex' getting 63% of the votes.

'Yes, That's a Great Idea!' netted 18% of the votes.

17% were undecided when asked about Unisex Restrooms at CFD.

and 2% had no opinion on the subject.

There is still time to let u know your thoughts.  Would you like to see restrooms converted to Unisex facilities and open to all at every stadium, arena and yes, even Cheyenne Frontier Days??

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