When you choose rodeo as your career, you know you're getting into a dangerous line of work.

When you choose to become a bull rider, you know you're going to be crawling on the back of mean beast of an animal. One of the things that has to give a bull rider a little peace is knowing there are experienced bullfighters that will be there to wrangle the bull.

They're one of the last lines of defense for bull riders, and sometimes they mess with the bull and get the hoof.

Cody Webster is an award winning, longtime bullfighter that's been toying with bulls for quite some time. Earlier this summer he was at the Central Wyoming Fair and PRCA Rodeo, where he was one of two bullfighters that were putting on a show and protecting the riders.

When Cody left Casper, he made the trip south to Cheyenne for the Daddy of 'Em All, Cheyenne Frontier Day's. That's when it happened.

The bull rider was tossed off the bull and the bull went after him. Doing what he's done thousands of times, Cody jumped into the line of fire to try an protect the rider. As you can see in the video from Cody's Facebook page, it worked. He grabbed the bulls attention and kept the rider from being attacked.

The problem, the bull went to town on the bullfighter and ended dropping the 'People's Hoof-bow' right on ribs of the reigning PRCA Bullfighter of the Year. Obviously, when over 1,000 pounds comes down on you, you're going to feel it.

Peoples Hoof-bow
Cody Webster via Facebook/CANVA @prettypunchymedia

In a post on his page, Cody mentions that he's ok, but had a couple broken ribs.

Thanks for all the calls, text and concern, We had our hands full keeping the guys safe all week in Cheyenne and yesterday in the Championship round I caught a back hoof which resulted in multiple broken ribs,

This video shows the moment that things got rough.

Even though he was banged up, it didn't take him long to get back into action. Just this week, after only a handful of days, Cody was back in action and gearing up for another rodeo.

There's no doubt, these dudes are tough and Wyoming rodeo's wouldn't be the same without them.

Central Wyoming Rodeo-Saturday

Central Wyoming Rodeo-Saturday

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Central Wyoming Rodeo Mutton Bustin'-Saturday

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