It's the official sport of Wyoming and we're officially in the time of year where you can see a rodeo every night/day of the week.

You've gotta love Wyoming Rodeo season. The CNFR and Central WY Fair and Rodeo is rolling into Casper, CFD is in Cheyenne, nightly rodeos can be found at the Cody Stampede and Chris LeDoux Days are all great chances to see the action across the state.

The bulls, the broncs, the calves, the roping, the mutton bustin, the barrel racing, the horsemanship, the full rides, the fast rides and the energy of the rodeo keeps your heart pumping even after you're gone home for the night.

Not only is it an adrenaline pumping sport for the spectators, it's even more for the contestants and the animals.

The cowboys and cowgirls, train constantly to be able to be at the top of their events. Doing so, there are bumps, bruises, scrapes, concussions, broken bones and other injuries suffered.

Actually, the injuries don't stop at the humans in the event.

These animals are bred for this life, it's what they're on this earth to do. Rodeo. Injuries for the animals, just like the humans involved, are part of the process.

If you know anything about the rodeo life, you know that the animals often have it better than the people involved.

When injuries happen, they're taken very seriously. Whether it's a rider, bullfighter, barrelman, chute boss, clown, flankman, pickup men, or one of the animals. There's always a doctor and a veterinarian on hand to make sure the riders and animals are taken care of in the event of an injury.

Injuries happen, it's no ones fault, it's just the nature of the beast. We've seen lots of cowboys and cowgirls get their bell rung, but not many times have the bulls seen stars.

2022 Central Wyoming Rodeo-Tuesday

2022 Central Wyoming Rodeo-Tuesday

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