"We haven't really paid much attention to Wyoming since November 16th, 1977," said Glodnart Limpromblup. (That's the best translation we could come up with. The human mouth does not make the noised needed to really pronounce his name).

"I remember it like it was yesterday." said Glod. "Actually it was just last year but that is several decades to you who are not traveling at the speed of light."

"It was in the place you humans call Wyoming. It was such a nice spot. A tall rock tower that stood high above the landscape. We swapped some humans we had taken for some who has volunteered to come with us." 

"There have been a few space tourist who have visited Wyoming since them. Mostly they just have fun freaking the heck out of toothless humans who live in trailers out in the middle of no place. But no official scientific visits."

"I hear you folks in Wyoming even built a space port for us. That was nice. But why put it out in such a boring place?"

"Well," Glodnart smiled. (At least I think that was a smile). "I have great news. We are coming back in the summer of 2021."

"See, we need more subjects for our -- um -- we want you to see the Universe with us. Let's go with that, and we hear you humans have had a rough 2020. Apparently 2021 isn't much better. Some of you just want to get off the planet. Is that why you've been exploring Mars so much lately? Well, fine. We will be more than happy to sweep some of you away."

"We've also found that, since 1977, humans in North America have become much fatter. That sounds delicious. Um -- wonderful."

"So be looking for those lights in the night sky and come out and wave us down. We look forward to having you for dinner."

I'm not sure but the hair on the back of my neck stood on end as Glognart did something that kinda sounded like laughter.

Wyoming Spring Fever

Enough of Winter. We want to see some spring.

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