The nerve! Actually, I think this is kind of awesome, but I can definitely see both sides. Remember about a month ago when an elderly lady in Spain did her own patch job and inferior restoration on a venerable church fresco. Well, it's become such a tourist attraction in and of itself that she's demanding royalties from the church.

That's right. Thanks to Cecilia Gimenez's terrible touch up that transformed "Ecce Homo" (Behold the Man) into "Ecce Mono," (Behold the Monkey), tourists and curiosity seekers alike are flocking to the Sanctuario de Misericordia to behold the righteous mess.

Just to refresh your memories, here's the original story, and the follow-up. "Ecce Homo" was a religious fresco portraying a thorn-adorned Christ that was painted by 19th-century painter, Elias Garcia Martinez. Faithful parishioner, Cecilia decided to take matters and paint into her own hands and try to fix the artwork herself, which had become significantly eroded over its 120 year history. The result was both sad and comical, as you can see.

The silver lining is that since going viral on the internet (an internet petition circulated to keep the poor restoration), the masses have descended on the tiny town of Borja, Spain to catch a glimpse. That has led the church to start charging admission of 4 euro or about 5 bucks to check it out. In turn, Cecilia, through her lawyers, is asking for part of the proceeds, insisting that they would go to a charity of her choice which would more than likely be muscular atrophy causes because her son suffers from these maladies.

"'She just wants the church to conform to the law,' lawyer Enrique Trebolle said. 'If this means economic compensation she wants it to be for charitable purposes."

The family of the original artist has other plans. They want Senora Gimenez punished for her poor handiwork and the painting restored to its former glory.