As I continue my lifelong search for the perfect Wyoming log cabin, this one is dang close. It's a log cabin with a drop-dead gorgeous view out of the back window.

Since this log cabin is located in Wilson, you know it's right at the doorstep of the Tetons and it has the view to prove it. The physical address is 850 S. Wapiti in Wilson. Check out the map of where this is at and you'll see the glorious Tetons are located to the northwest.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The Zillow listing says the log cabin has a wine cellar and wet bar. The best part is that it's literally walking distance to the hiking trails that will take you into the wilderness.

When you find a 5-bed, 6-bath log cabin this close to Jackson and the Tetons, you know your bank account better have a lot of numbers to the left side of the decimal point. The asking price for this beauty last time I looked at Zillow was $4.75 million bucks.

If you've got that many Benjamin Franklins in your wallet, you could do a lot worse than this. Understatement.

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