It's fun to read lists of famous people from Wyoming. Many were only born in the Cowboy State, in families that moved away soon after that. I thought I’d seen all those lists, until I saw the name of a straggler I missed – Steve Worster.

Worster was born in Wyoming (in fact wikipedia doesn’t even mention which town), but his parents settled in Southeast Texas. There Steve would break High School football records before being highly recruited, and ending up a Texas Longhorn. In 1969 - not a good year for Wyoming Cowboys football – the Longhorns finished the year with the national championship. Texas fans nicknamed Worster "Big Woo". I can still hear the crowds with the tv announcer explaining, “They’re not booing. They’re saying ‘Woo-Woo Worster!’”

I grew up in Northeast Texas. I barely remember those great Longhorn years, but I do remember we loved them. We hated the #2 Arkansas Razorbacks. They were like our version of the Wyoming/CSU Border War.

Steve would be fourth in voting for the 1971 Heisman Trophy. After going in the fourth round to the Los Angeles Rams they couldn't agree to contract terms, so Steve went to play Canadian Football and shortly after that he moved into a sales career. Now forgotten is who was featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated 45 years ago, but those who remember Darryl Royal's “Wishbone” formation may remember one its first fullbacks named Worster.

He would end up ranked 29 out of 55 in’s best Texas Longhorns football players of all time.

These are all very vague memories, and I wasn't old enough to remember 1965, when the future quarterback of the national championship team, James Street, left high school after leading our Lobos of Longview, Texas, which would be exactly where I'd go to high school. So this Wyoming connection is just cool.