Summer is trying to move in. Winter is trying to hang on. That leads to some turbulent weather in Wyoming.

The clouds building, the rain falling, is all more than just a little impressive. Add to that lighting, hail, and tornadoes, and photographers of all kinds across the state keep their cameras close by.

Thanks once again to the FaceBook page, Wyoming Through The Lens, who have pictures from all over the state of these impressive spring-time events. Here's a few to enjoy:

The color of rock, water, grass and sky.

Metal sunflowers with matching clouds.

River and sunset.

Wind turbines and a thunderstorm with bolt of lighting.

Lighting strike along the highway.

Full rainbow and ranch house.

Big storm building.

The heavy storms have only just begun, which means more great photos are on the way.

Wyoming Through The Lens offers more than just still pictures. There are some spectacular videos as well.

Time lapse of clouds and color. 

Lighting flashing over the mountains.

Old out building and cloud covered mountain tops.

Time lapse of clouds and rock.

Sunset and clouds time lapse.

The more violent this season's weather gets, the more interesting the photos and videos will be. Then, it's on to see what summer brings us.

If you love taking photos and videos, then you love seeing what these folks post and you can easily join and post your own. You don't need to be perfect, you just need to be an enthusiast to join Wyoming Through The Lens.

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