Our friends at Roadsnacks are back with a new "study".

From the same site that gave us "The Most Redneck Cities in Wyoming", "The Snobbiest Cities in Wyoming", "The Kinkiest Cities in Wyoming" and "The Whitest Cities in Wyoming", here comes "The 10 Most Ghetto Cities in Wyoming".

Based on a variety of factors including income, crime and education levels, here's their list of Wyoming's most "ghetto" towns.

1. Riverton

2. Powell

3. Rawlins

4. Worland

5. Evanston

6. Douglas

7. Cody

8. Torrington

9. Lander

10. Jackson

Really, Jackson? Sure, it's so expensive to live there that many area residents are broke, but you don't think of it as a "ghetto" town.

Furthermore, how can any list of Wyoming's most ghetto towns NOT include Rock Springs? Anybody who's ever been there, let alone lived there, can tell you that Rock Springs can take the ghetto challenge with Riverton and Powell anyday.

In fact, Rock Springs only finished 11th on their list.

Casper, by way of comparison, ranked 14th out of 17 towns on the ghetto list, followed by Cheyenne, Laramie and their choice for the "least ghetto" town in the Cowboy State, Green River.

Check out the full list here.