There's a ranch in one of the more remote parts of Wyoming west of Thermopolis called Owl Creek and it's now available.

This video overview was just shared on Vimeo.

Owl Creek Ranch | Wyoming Ranches for Sale from Mirr Ranch Group on Vimeo.

Road-less is a description that appeals to most of us in Wyoming because it means it's just you and wild nature.

I checked out the Mirr Ranch Group website where this property is listed and it shows over 2,500 deeded acres. It's basically right at the back door of the Washakie Wilderness along with the surrounding mountain range.

Problem is I'm gonna need a severe increase in my allowance from my wife if I'm gonna afford this someday. The current asking price is about $6.5 million. I'm about $6,499,999 short. Darn.

If one of the Kardashians runs over my foot when I'm visiting Jackson, maybe the settlement would allow me to talk to the real estate people responsible for Owl Creek Ranch. It's one of the prettiest parts of Wyoming I've seen so far.

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