Ahhhh the wind is blowing through your hair, the mist of water is cooling you off as you're cruising down Alcova Reservoir in your boat or you're floating on the North Platte River! What a perfect way to spend a warm Wyoming afternoon, weekend or vacation day.

Did you just go out and buy a new pontoon, ski boat, fishing boat or wave runner? Make sure you're aware of ALL of the safety measures that are put in place so that you and your family & friends have fun and return home uninjured and alive.

According to Wyoming Game & Fish, In the state of Wyoming you must be at least 16 to operate ANY watercraft with a motor without an adult on board. Here are a list of other important rules you need to know

After researching the long list of safety rules, I was blown away by how long the list actually was. If you're not an experienced boater, I sure hope you've done YOUR research before hopping in your boat, kayak, canoe or getting on a wave runner.
Do you know how many feet it takes your floating vessel to stop (there are no brakes on a boat), how many life vests you need at any time on your boat, OR what "wake zone" means? If not, you're not quite ready to put yourself and others into your boat.

In this state you're not required to have a boating license, but it's recommended that all boaters take an approved safety course. I think it's a great idea (no matter your age) to take one of these classes. You can do it online and the Wy Game & Fish gives you options. Here is a list of Wyoming Game & Fish approved courses

Although accidents happen, if you're not educated and prepared you have a much better chance of being the cause of that accident. According to americanboating.org  (where the cause was known) the number one cause of boating fatalities 79% drown and 86% of those were not wearing a lifejacket. Boater/water safety courses are worth it, whether you're an experienced boater, new boater or even thinking of boating.

Before you head out on the water, make sure your watercraft (if it has a motor) is registered and legal to take out on the water. Here is a quick video from Game & Fish to remind you of things you need to remember.

There are hundreds of thousands of acres of water to boat, float and relax on in the State of Wyoming it's well worth your time to get up to date on with ALL of the safety rules. Don't be a statistic. Have fun and be safe on the water this summer.

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