Former US Navy Seal Chris Kyle is the subject of the new movie based on his best selling autobiography, 'American Sniper'.  But on February 2nd, 2013 - Chris' life was cut short along with his friend Chad Littlefield while at a shooting range in Texas, where they were murdered.

The film, based on Chris' life and directed by Clint Eastwood is making headlines this week after it's successful cinema release.

This entire ordeal has been extremely tough on Chris' family, as you might imagine.  But Taya Kyle, Chris' widow took some time away from it all and came to Wyoming (one of Chris' favorite places to hunt) to take in an antelope hunt to honor her late husband.

The hunt took place here in Wyoming, and only a few short miles away from Casper on a private ranch near Glenrock.

Weatherby and Leupold hosted the hunt and put together this video and shared it for us to see on YouTube.

You can see Chris' true life story told in the new film 'American Sniper' staring Bradley Cooper in now theaters nationwide. To find out more about Chris and the charity created in his honor, Chris Kyle Frog Foundation go here -