For Target, the time to start planning for the holidays is now.

I can already feel the eye rolls coming on. Why are we talking about the holidays? We haven't even done Halloween? Well, for Target, it's pretty much the holiday season. With major competition and pressure coming from Amazon and Walmart, the retail chain needs to make sure they are on the top of their game to prevent any customer runoff.

Such preparation includes hiring temporary employees to handle the rush of holiday shoppers. According to USA Today, Target is planning on hiring 43% more employees than they did last year. Across the country, there will be 100,000 more employees wearing the signature red shirts and khaki pants, while manning Target's 1,816 stores.

That makes for an average of 55 new workers per location.

For Casper that means about 55 jobs will need to be filled. It's a great idea for teens who are out of school or those who are just looking to make some extra cash. Employees will aid in helping stock shelves and fulfill online orders that customers will be picking up in the store. Target is also looking for 4,500 workers at their distribution centers.

Those interested can apply at In addition, Target will host hiring events across the country with on-the-spot interviews October 13-15.

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