In the last year, we've all come to realize how much charities truly really on the help of the communities around them to be able to do good work.

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As COVID has negatively impacted the economy many charities are looking for ways to raise funds so that they can continue to follow their missions.

Here at My Country 95.5, we have a heart for all the good that these charities accomplish, and each Thursday you can find us at the Beacon for Thankful Thursday.

Thankful Thursday is Casper's original party with a purpose, where 100% of what you donate goes to the chosen charity of the evening. Tito's Vodka starts each 501c3 Charity off with $500 and the night is full of games that give you a chance to win money while helping out your favorite charity.

The live auction portion of the evening begins at 6:30 pm.

Thankful Thursday is family-friendly with specific games geared towards the kids, and because the Beacon is smoke-free you can feel comfortable bringing the whole crew.

All the participating charities need to do is provide items for the live auction and have a few volunteers to help with the event.

The Beacon provides a great location and My Country 95.5 has Drew and Prairie Wife to be your emcees and auctioneers.

If you're a local 501c3 Charity please email with your charity name, a link to your website, and any other pertinent contact information.

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