On the History Channel, around the American Pickers and Pawn Stars, is this crazy show called Top Shot. The premise of the show is to take self-taught shooters and put them up against one another in a variety of situations with a variety of weapons and may the best man, or woman. win. This season, which just got underway last night, features a Thayne, Wyoming resident by the name of Tim Trefren.

Tim is a 34-year-old professional big game guide and owner of Trefren Outfitters, a professional hunting camp and second-generation family business. Growing up in his dad's gun shop, Tim has been handling firearms from day one. He's also a two-time world champion moose caller with a perfect record in bison and bear hunting. He practices shooting every single day and even has an indoor range at his house. In addition to mastering firearms, Tim is a skilled archer.

This year there are 18 competitors ranging in age from 21-50 they'll find themselves navigating back alleys, rappelling down buildings and hitting moving targets from a speeding World War II-style motorcycle sidecar. They'll also attempt to hit a target from 1,500 yards—the longest distance in Top Shot history.

This year’s arsenal features an M32A1 grenade launcher, a massive 1898 cannon from the Spanish-American War, a semiautomatic FS2000 bullpup rifle and a 1919 vehicle-mounted Browning machine gun. High-speed HD cameras capture the shots of each each trial in extreme slow motion.

For those unfamiliar with the show, here is a preview of the upcoming season.


And if you ever wondered what it takes to get on the show, here is Tim Trefren in his audition tape that was sent in for consideration.



We will keep an eye on Tim's progression thru the competition and with $100,000 and a contract from Bass Pro Shops on the line, this is definitely a competition.

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