You may have already known this, but tacos have been a national sensation pretty much since the day we all had our first one. While I was on my vacation a few weeks ago I had a really strong craving for tacos anything else I could get my hands on for Mexican food.

That craving led me down a dangerous path of looking online for the best recipes for homemade tacos. But because I'm lazy I wanted to go somewhere that I knew I could good tacos. Since one of my favorite places closed this last August, I've been on the lookout for my next go to.

So let's start with my favorite place in Casper. It's not easy to choose between both of these so I'll just say it's a tie but both Qdoba and Tacos Mexico are my go-to places when I'm craving tacos and don't want to cook.

Throughout the state of Wyoming, however, we've got some amazing places if you're willing to make the drive. Up in Jackson Hole you've got a little place called The Merry Piglets Mexican Grill. Next time you're rolling through Jackson Hole you should make it a priority to stop in there.

Just North of Casper as you head to Deadwood there's another place called Los Compadres Mexican Restuarant. Where I hear that their food is just as good as the beer and tequila. As we all know nothing goes better with some tacos than some tequila.

To finish off this list we are heading down south in the cowboy state to check out Su Casa Cafe. Although they may not have a website to check out. I assure you this place is a must on the traveling taco list. If you are going to be leaving Casper for the holiday season and you find yourself around some of these fine Mexican dinners go ahead and stop in and enjoy America's favorite food.

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