Just about everyone will admit to tearing up when Old Yeller got put down, but have you ever wondered which movie is the saddest movie ever?

UC Berkley has conducted a scientific study to find out which movie is the saddest of them all. The awarding of title of the saddest movie of all time goes to - The Champ (1979). The movie stars Jon Voight, Faye Dunaway and Ricky Schroeder.

The movie "The Champ" didn't win the crown because of a knock-out, but rather, because it made the most people cry according to their study.

The Champ (1979), a remake of a 1931 film, tells the story of a washed-up boxer (played by Jon Voight), who returns to the ring to make enough money to retain custody of his son (played by Ricky Schroeder).

The scene that drew the most tears has the champ laid out the training table as his son pleads for him to wake up after what turns out to be a fatal beating in the ring.

If you haven't seen the movie, I'd recommend it as a "Must Rent", and if you don't remember the movie, this should help to refresh your memory.

But I'll warn you, keep the tissue handy...