Wyoming has seen its share of good Yellowstone Bison video, but this is amazing. I haven't seen anything like this since the stampede scene in Dances With Wolves.

In the Facebook thread of savvy Wyomingites, there are questions. One is about whether or not this is even an official Facebook page of the national park. It is also asked if Yellowstone would use the word "buffalo" in the title; as opposed to bison. Not to judge if it shouldn't be called an attack, or a herd, it's just awe-inspiring.

Whether official or not, someone got many views, likes and 104 shares - at the time.

This isn't a stampede attack, just a controlled effort to move them across the bridge. Shame on the YNP admin for the deception.

Calling this an attack is ridiculous and offensive. They are only moving out of the way.

Very misleading title. They are being driven there. See the emergency vehicles behind...

This is not even the official Yellowstone National Park page. That should be clear when the description calls them "buffalo", when they are actually bison. No actual Yellowstone employee would make that mistake.

Starting to feel like there needs to be more regs on people in the park. Feels like a giant zoo for zombies to look at what they see on tv.

Idiots. This is what buffalo do. And whoever let those people anywhere near this controlled stampede should be put in jail.

Herded, yes. Attack, no.

It's a controlled crossing the bridge. People just get so excited about things. Just a title to catch your attention.

Impressive! Yellowstone... magical place! Where nature really exists!

And this is where the official Yellowstone facebook page really exists, with this video: