Ve-da- WHOO?

Located just off of I-80, between Cheyenne and Laramie is Vedauwoo Wyoming. Probably one of the most strangely beautiful rock formations in Wyoming, and that is saying a lot.

It's worth the road trip to visit. It's more than worth it to say in Cheyenne or Laramie and drive up to Turtle Rock for the day. I suggest camping there, Being surrounded by those wonderful rocks all day and night is nothing short of inspiring.

With odd rock formations like this, it does not take the mind long to start finding human faces and animal shapes. Who knows what else. Just let the imagination run wild.

It is no wonder American Indians thought of this as a spirit-filled place.

There is a 3-mile long trail around Turtle Rock. Come with me and I'll show you the faces and shapes I found on my last camping trip.

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