Recently, I was drove through Greeley, Colorado, and was immediately punched in the nose with the pungent perfume of the Monfort Beef feedlot. As I inhaled the sweet smell of success, I set out to rank the stinkiest towns here in Wyoming.

Luckily, the wind usually blows the stank right on through the Cowboy State. However, there are a few Wyoming towns that permeate fumes capable of making you gag. So I surveyed several co-workers here at Townsquare Media, all of whom have lived here for most, if not all, of their lives.

Based on their votes, here's our official list of the 5 stinkiest towns in Wyoming.

1. Torrington - The funk from the local sugar plant and the state's largest livestock market, located in the heart of town, combine to make Torrington the foulest smelling place in the Cowboy State.

2. Thermopolis - Nearby Hot Springs Park is a popular attraction for tourists. It also blankets the area with a sulfur stench powerful enough to reach nearby towns like Shoshoni, Worland, Meeteetse and Riverton.

3. Rawlins - If you're downwind from the Sinclair Oil Refinery, it reeks. Mercifully, the refinery is located just east of Rawlins, which spares most residents from the scent on windy days.

4. Gillette - Any area that produces millions of tons of coal every year is bound to have a unique smell. Add natural gas to the mix along with a whiff of methane and you've got a rank bouquet of odors.

5. Cheyenne - If you're on the south end of Cheyenne, chances are the fragrance of the HollyFrontier Refinery will eventually waft its way in your direction. On rare occasions when the wind is blowing in from the south, you can also detect a faint trail of musk coming up from Greeley. Then there's the parades during Cheyenne Frontier Days, which cover the downtown streets in horse manure each summer.