Cheyenne East Alum Brandon Nimmo just had a fun Q&A on New York Mets Twitter. We shared the highlights and a nice photo gallery. Now a closer look at Brandon’s 2017 season may have you asking why the Mets still don’t play Nimmo full time.

Hitting .270 ain't bad, but the batting average may not be the most important number if the guy has a huge on-base percentage like Brandon’s .369 OBP. On Wednesday night, reaching base four times on three walks and a double, is what we call production. In fact, Nimmo became just the fourth rookie in Mets history to start in the lead-off spot and reach base safely in every plate appearance with at least four times up to bat. Why, indeed, would that guy not be any manager’s lead-off batter every game?

Maybe the answer is another talent the team is blessed to have in Juan Lagares. Nimmo and Lagares may continue battling for playing time to evaluate them both for the 2018 season. Twenty games out of first place, however, with just over a month left in the 2017 season, offers that kind of time to just evaluate.

The one who might be less likely than Nimmo to be with the organization next year is Met's Manager Terry Collins. If he is just being cautious getting Brandon back into the line-up after an injury in July, that would have been fine.

Otherwise, it's passed the time for full time Nimmo.