The Northern Lights didn't quite make it to our part of Wyoming last weekend, but they didn't miss by much. New video shows the aurora borealis appeared in the sky as far south as the middle of Montana.

The backstory to this video is a Montana resident noticed that their sky was more colorful than usual so they grabbed their camera. It was one of those nights when the Northern Lights ventured into the American West.

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According to the video description, this was captured near the Whitefish, Montana area late last Friday night into early Saturday morning.

The aurora borealis isn't visible over Wyoming often, but it does happen. There was a major solar storm a few years ago that was visible as far south as Cheyenne. Back in 2015, Casper was even treated to these amazing sky colors.

We've seen some major CME's ejected from the sun the past day or two. That could mean we could see the Northern Lights in the next few days, but there are a lot of variables that affect that. The easiest way to be sure is to check the official NOAA space forecast website which will give you a preview of how far south the aurora borealis could be viewed.

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