Over the years times have certainly changed, but one thing that hasn't is the creative, funny and sometimes racy commercials that air during the Super Bowl.  This year is no different, Kate Upton is all over the news with a couple different leaked ads, check them out here:   http://mycountry955.com/too-hot-for-tv-mercedes-leaked-superbowl-ad-causing-outrage-video/

But over the years, it's been a tradition!

Let's start off back in 1972 with a Noxema Shaving Cream Ad featuring Farrah Fawcett & Joe Namath:

Pretty racy for back then...now moving forward to 1992, PEPSI got a little racy with Cindy Crawford:

Then in 1999, there was this Holiday Inn Ad that really pushed the envelope!

In 2005, GoDaddy hit the sceen with Candice Mitchell and her wardrobe malfunction:

Then in 2007, this Bud Light Ad was so steamy, it was banned!

In 2008, CBS rejected this Bud Light Commercial that went on to win an Emmy:

Ever heard of Mancrunch.com?  Me either, maybe because this ad was banned in 2010:

In 2011, PETA was asking people to Go Veg...and after seeing this ad, I bet there are some that did:


What ad do you remember most over the years?