People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is grilling Wyoming officials for what they call a "total disregard for animal suffering."

Dan Paden, Associate Director of Evidence Analysis for PETA, says he met with the Wyoming Livestock Board last June and provided the agency with evidence of illegal cruelty to sheep at eight different ranches in Wyoming, but officials still haven't taken any action.

"A year has passed and we've seen nothing, unfortunately, but inaction and sitting on the evidence and really what looks to be more circling the wagons than doing one's job and enforcing state law," said Paden.

Wyoming Livestock Board Investigator Jimmy Dean Siler says those allegations simply aren't true.

"We forwarded the information they gave to us to all the counties where it could have been involved," said Siler.  "Then we turn it over to the counties on whether they want or think they have enough to follow up as an abuse case."

Siler says most of the alleged incidents occurred in Colorado. He says to the best of his knowledge, no sheriffs have decided to press charges.

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