My kids have been wrestling now for 7 years.

It started with my middle son, then my oldest son decided he wanted to try it.

Now this year, all 5 of my children will be wrestling (yes that includes my two daughters).

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Over the last few months, my husband and I have been talking about taking our entire family down to Laramie to watch the UW wrestling team.

So, when this year's Cowboy Open fell on Thanksgiving weekend (a rare weekend when I didn't have an event to emcee and none of the kids were wrestling) we decided to take our kids to Laramie and make it a mini-vacation.

When we walked into the UniWyo Sports Center it was like a switch turned on for my kids. They immediately went silent and stared. They were 100% in awe of all the athletes.

I could see the wheels start turning as they watched them warm up, and later screamed and cheered as the Pokes worked their way through the competition to score 4 first-place spots at the end of the Cowboy Open.

Cathy Holman
Cathy Holman

Throughout the match they were discussing what they saw on the mat, talking about the moves, and sharing what they would have done.

My husband, of course, joined in and I just sat there and smiled.

This year's UW wrestling team is on fire, and I watched them share some of that fire with my kids.

As we sat in the stands I heard my kids talking about what it would like to be a Wyoming Cowboy (or Cowgirl) when they're older, and with 7 of the 34 current team members from could be a possibility...maybe...

Now that we've attended a UW wrestling tournament I can promise you, we'll be back.

attachment-wyo wrestling

And according to the UW Wrestling head coach of 13 years Mark Branch (you can see him with my kids and me in the picture above), we need to keep showing up for the team and bring you all with us.

"We have a lot of experience on this team and we can do some great things this season. Our fan support has been awesome, and we want to have that energy and crowd noise to make it a hostile environment [for our opponents]. We need our fans to be a factor."

Find out more about the UW Wrestling program and purchase your tickets for their next event here.

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