My eyes did a double-take when I first saw this, but I have confirmed that there really is a free football field of turf available on Casper Craigslist.

Before I explain, this is how the listing looked when I first came across it.

Wyoming Craigslist
Wyoming Craigslist

Since my brain had a hard time believing there really was a free football field available in Casper, I messaged the person who posted the listing. I won't divulge his identity, but he explained that his company was responsible for removing turf from a local school field. He doesn't want to divide the turf up and have 50 different people just take parts of it.

For clarification, it appears he has made a second listing with more details. Here are his exact words from that new listing:

This artificial turf field is being replaced and the old one is available for free. Would like for you to take all of it. Rolls will have the infill material in it and will weigh several thousand lbs. Approximately 80 rolls. Each roll will be approximately 15'x 40'-65' and weigh approximately 3,500lbs. You can get 9-11 rolls on a semi-trailer. It's coming out at the end of May and I'd like to find a home for it NOW.

There you go. Want a football field of your very own or maybe a landing strip in your back yard? This is your ticket.

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