In 1806 Noah Webster published the very first Webster's Dictionary and one year later he began a journey writing on an expanded version of that dictionary that would take him over 20 years to complete. The original version had 70,000 words, he only sold 2,500 copies and was forced to mortgage his home to make the next version. I can't imagine the pressure that would be involved with researching and writing a book that will be used for generations by people all over the world.

In the summer 2021 over 300 words and definitions were added to and surprisingly NONE of them were popular terms you hear in Wyoming. Wyoming has incredible local lingo and some of them need to be added to the dictionary ASAP!!!

Some of the NEW words added to were fitting for the times like:

deplatform - prohibiting a person from sharing their views on a public forum by banning them from posting on social media

5G - abbreviation for fifth-generation: relating to communications technology or mobile device

Zaddyattractive, stylish, charming and self-confident

Misper - Missing Person (really?)

Silver Fox - an attractive older person with gray or silver hair, especially a man.

and this year Y'ALL has it's own entry!

For years I've used "gooder" as a way to describe something being good... "that steak was definitely a gooder". For some reason I can't get anyone to talk to me about adding that to the dictionary.

Just because I can't get my word in, I think it's time that Wyomingites unite and all work together to get some of the most popular WYOMING words into the dictionary. After researching I found that it IS possible to get a word in, it just takes all of us contacting them. If we can get enough people behind the words and we can all agree on what the words mean...they could be added.  I'm not sure why some of the great words and phrases of Wyomingites  haven't made their way in there. The list could be long, but here are 7 to get us rolling!

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