Spring is officially here and this mean means bikini season is right around the corner. Are you ready?

If not, consider these weight loss insights that according to ABC's Good Morning America, experts are reluctant to share:

1 - You have to eat fat to beat fat.

Obviously, eating too much of the wrong fat is terrible for your health and waistline. But, a diet rich in the right fat, good unsaturated fats, can help both.

2 - A daily dose of chocolate can trim your waistline.

Just be sure to go heavy on the cocoa (dark chocolate has more) and light on the sugar. Cocoa is packed with antioxidants and when consumed in moderation, can promote weight loss.

3 - Losing weight early and fast is best.

Maybe there is something to crash dieting. Besides giving you a great psychological boost right out of the gate, researchers found that losing weight quickly helps you keep it off longer.

4 - Fidgeting burns calories.

Scientists have found that people who are naturally lean find ways to move to make up for any extra calories they may be ingesting. Spontaneous physical activity (SPA) like fidgeting, bending, brushing your hair and doing dishes can burn 350 or more calories a day.

5 - You're thinking too hard.

If you're like many office workers, your desk job creates big health problems for you. Not only are you sitting and inactive for most of the day, but this type of mental, knowledge-based work actually makes it more difficult to control appetite, which leads you to the vending machine in the break room.
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Source: ABC News

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