The Salvation Army and Probation and Parole are meeting up again for the third Annual Summer Alliance Resource Fest!

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Mark your calendar for July 27th, from 5-8 p.m. 

There will be FREE FOOD, fun for the kids, adults, resources and general support for clients and their families in the community!

Keisha Glover, a Family and Social Services Worker and WYStepUp Fill-in Case Manager, invites all to participate:

“We would love to have the providers representing with a booth and possibly goodies and we really hope you will encourage clients to attend and possibly allow them to attend if this is during a group time…if you find that reasonable! I will be there taking attendance and can report back. Probation is offering this as an office visit trying to encourage clients to attend and we would love it if you would attend and support this event as well!” 

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