There's one major website that believes a Casper location doesn't get the credit it deserves. It was just named among the most underrated locations in Wyoming.

Among the 12 locations that Only In Your State listed as "Most Underrated" is The National Historic Trails Center. They state the obvious:

Casper's National Historic Trails Center is one of Wyoming's most fascinating museums. Learn about how Wyoming was settled by pioneers, and passed through by those traveling west. This interpretive museum shows off artifacts from the Oregon Trail, Mormon Trail, California Trail, Bozeman Trail and Pony Express!

We know that, but why is it considered underrated? They even use the phrase "criminally overlooked". Truth is they don't really say.

If you check out the official National Historic Trails Center website, you'll notice that there's always free admission. How can you not go to a free history center at least once while you're in Casper? I am mystified.

The National Historic Trails Center is also well worth a follow on Facebook if you haven't already. Definitely a must-visit place that should never be thought of as underrated.

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