We've seen some pretty interesting videos involving wildlife lately, but this might be the best. It's definitely the most close-up as a family had an encounter with a moose in their backyard.

The YouTube share doesn't mention where this happened. Alaska? Montana? Wyoming? No clue. But, it's entertaining for a number of reasons. This moose comes right up to the family's back deck and immediately gets offered snacks.

The real star of this video is not the moose, but the wife who's giving directions to her husband. Here are some highlights from her exchange with Bullwinkle:

  • "We're going to have to factor moose food into next year's budget."
  • "He smells like an older man with bad breath."
  • Wife: "His mouth is right there." Husband: "not for you"
  • Wife to moose: "Wanna go sledding?"

Truly classic.

It's worth mentioning that if you ever get the chance to feed a moose, don't. Just about every wildlife agency on Earth will tell you that's not a good or safe thing to do. Funny thing is they don't warn people to not offer to take the moose sledding. Go figure.

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