We all rip on them, but really they do it to themselves.

The Tourons of the world aren't just in Wyoming, actually they may be even worse in other parts of the country.

California, Florida, New York or Texas definitely have some bad apples that visit on vacation, or live there, but one thing they don't have are the creatures that could put a whoopin' on ya.

Sure you may see a few scorpions and sharks in California, gators in Florida, deer and a few moose in upper New York and lots of rattle snakes and dangerous border crossers in Texas, but NOTHING like you'll see in Wyoming, Montana or Colorado.

Grizzly bears, elk, bison, rattle snakes and moose are just a handful of the creatures that could end your stay on earth in a matter of seconds.

As much as being a Touron is publicized and the warnings are put out about not messing with the animals, every year there seems to always be news of dumb tourists.

Wyoming has had our fair share of 'facepalm' moments from Tourons, but Colorado may take the cake as Touron Capital of the Rocky Mountains.

The Tourons Of Yellowstone has become one of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow. Not only do they share the boneheads that visit Wyoming, they share the love with other Tourons from around the country.

One of their latest posts is from Breckenridge, CO. A fine specimen of a person is giving a large moose an ear full as it's walking away. The moose has enough and pulls a 'Rocky Balboa' 1 x 2 combo on the much smaller human.

You get what you deserve in nature and that's shown in the video, but that may not be the best part. The commentary from bystanders, is great.

You can hear a man yelling "get the *$#@ away you idiot, get the *$#@ away".

There is some language that may not be suitable for youngsters, but I'm pretty certain you've heard it a time or two.

Check out the post and give touronsofyellowstone a follow.

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