When we saw that this church in Glenrock was available our imaginations went into overdrive.

Yes, of course, the new owners could use it as a church, after all, it IS perfectly set up for this purpose. Including a large meeting area with lots of natural light and beautiful wood details.

BUT what if they wanted to get creative with it?

The first thing that came to my mind was a home for struggling community members.

With 6 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, as well as a communal kitchen and eating area, this would be the perfect space for someone that wanted to set up this kind of charity and living space. It even has a yard and grassy area where children can play.

Another idea is a private school or large daycare.

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Several of the "bedrooms" are perfectly sized for small classrooms and there are two large indoor areas. What was the main area for church services could turn into a spot for gross motor activities with mats on the ground and a few small indoor playground toys.

Or, how about making it into a large home for one family?

With 6 bedrooms every single one of my kids could have their own room. I know a few of them that would love the idea of no longer sharing a space.

Take a look at some pictures of this church, and let me know what you think it should be used for.

Church For Sale In Glenrock, Wyoming

A 4,248 square foot church in Glenrock, Wyoming is for sale. This 6 bedroom, 2 bathroom space could be used as a church, a school, or even converted to a large home. The possibilities are endless.

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