It's been said that what you don't know can't hurt you. That may be, but it's probably not true when it comes to meth labs. There's a new interactive map that allows you to figure out how close you live to one.

This was just shared by Rehabs. They have a map where you put in your address and it will compute the distance you are from a reported meth lab. Out of curiosity, I put in our address here at the radio station. This is what it found.


We're less than a mile from a clandestine laboratory. (*shudder*)

Rehabs has another statistic that doesn't bode well for us. It shows that Wyoming is #1 for meth lab seizures.


Well, that's not good news. The interactive map shows 22 meth labs in Wyoming and that sounds wildly conservative based on how often meth-related crimes end up in the news.