The health experts have recommended something they refer to as social distancing. This concept has just been perfected by a group of Wyoming guys.

When you tell a Wyoming to to observe social distancing - meaning to keep a safe distance from other people, this is what happens. They take their trucks off-road at Hat Six.

Danyl Mancus said this about his video:

Spent a weekend camping and exploring near Hat Six, WY. just outside of Casper. The recent snowstorm and the warm weather made for some pretty interesting wheeling!

When you see 4-wheel drive trucks headed south down Hat Six Road, they're just getting ready to social distance.

Scotty Mitchell Hoffman II shared more video from that weekend with us.

By the way, if you think this looks like fun, might want to follow the Wyoming Off-Road Trail Finder Facebook page. You'll see pics and video from this area and others on there.

Like I said, social distancing perfected by Wyoming guys. You have a better idea? I don't.

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