A guy managed to get his camera into a Wyoming rattlesnake den and this is what it looks like. Nope and nope.

A fella named Tim (based on his YouTube channel name) put his camera (guessing GoPro) on a pole and placed it inside a Wyoming rattlesnake den. The results are both terrifying and interesting.

As you see Tim approach the hole in the rocks, there's no mistaking that there are snakes in there. Lots and lots of snakes. What I found interesting is that while the rattlesnakes did plenty of rattling, none tried to strike the camera.

I have to confess as the camera went into the den, I actually felt kind of bad for the snakes. The camera viewpoint was a tad bit intrusive in my opinion.

By the time the video ends, most of the snakes have retreated deeper into the rock. Since Harrison Ford has a home in Jackson, we need to share this video with him because Indiana Jones loves snakes.

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