Let's face it. There are some things in Casper that are hard. But, I believe I have come across the biggest challenge in town and this is it.

What is the biggest challenge in Casper? I would offer this possibility. It is this:


You might laugh, but have you attempted it? To open it requires a Herculean yank that would make any Wyoming football offensive lineman proud.

The only thing more fun than trying to open the door is being successful and standing inside the store and watch others attempt it. After a couple of pull attempts, you can see the look on their face as they wonder...is the store closed?

There's actually a very practical reason behind this door being so difficult. I spoke with one of the employees and he said that the wind is so strong where Gamestop is located, it kept blowing the door open.

The irony is that inside this door of immense challenge is video game goodness. Think of this door as the hardest level in your favorite game. Open it and you get games (after you give them money, of course).

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