I have been happily married for a long time so I wouldn't know, but I've found a study that claims dating in Wyoming isn't all that great. Matter of fact, they say it kinda sucks.

Please say it ain't so. Normally I laugh off these internet ranking things since most seem to be done by people who have never even been to Wyoming (or believe it even exists). This one, however, comes from Business Insider who are a pretty big deal. They rank Wyoming as the 4th worst state to date in.

How did they come to this very non-romantic conclusion that we're looking for love in all the wrong places? Here are their metrics:

  • Dating opportunities: 45th place
  • Dating economics rank: 14th place
  • Romance and fun: 41st place
  • Total dating score: 42.02/ 100

Here's my problem. Those categories make sense, but it's a very subjective thing. What is romantic about one thing to one person may mean something entirely different for another.

When they broke it down, they looked at gender equality and dating opportunities among other things. I would argue that Wyoming should be a swell place (even though I ain't looking) to find cowboys or cowgirls if that's your thing. Good luck getting that done in Rhode Island. We also have a multitude of outdoor things to take a potential love person out to do which is pretty key in this COVID-19 era where being inside together is a hard sell.

I turned to our Facebook experts and here's what they said about dating in Wyoming. I prefer to focus on the opinions of people that actually live here as opposed to outsider's opinions.

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