You might want to make sure you're sitting down before I tell you this. Business Insider is recommending that everyone needs to move to Casper when the pandemic is over.

This really is a thing. Business Insider just shared a story about the be places to relocate to after COVID-19 is no longer locking down society. If you look at their list, you'll notice that Casper is #2 on their move-to list. Why us? There are a few very compelling reasons.

The Washington Post did an article about how city people are looking to get away from metro areas in an effort to get away from people after the pandemic. With that in mind, check out this quote from Business Insider about Casper and you'll start to understand why we made their list:

Casper is a great city for people who don't want to live close to people. It has the third-lowest population density of all US metro areas at 15.0 people per square mile.

There you go. I fully expect that many in Casper will shriek at the thought that we're about to get over-populated with city folk. There is a silver lining to this cloud if that's your concern. As we previously shared, Cheyenne comes in even higher on the Business Insider list than Casper as they are rated #2 in the west for a post-pandemic home.

The other consolation if Business Insider is correct is that Medical Futurist estimates that the COVID-19 pandemic may not be truly over until 2022. That's not exactly good news, but it at least means we shouldn't see an influx of moving trucks for a year or two maybe.

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