If you were given the choice, would you prefer a 4-day work and school week instead of the traditional 5-day week? Some major companies are trying it and having very positive results.

Business Insider shared a story of Microsoft's adjustment to a 4-day work week and the 40% jump in productivity that has happened since they made the change. They created what they called a work-life choice challenge. Every Friday during the summer, they closed their offices then measured how much work was being accomplished during the week as a whole.

My understanding is that Microsoft did this in their Japan offices and not in the US. They also learned that the company saved on utility and building costs with the shortened work week also based on the Business Insider report.

The New York Times asked the same question about why it's taken so long for companies to adopt a 4-day work week. Bloomberg shared a story about how the Prime Minister of Finland has now called for a debate about making the 4-day work week a nationwide movement.

Would you be in favor of making this an American thing?

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