There is a new national push for businesses to consider converting to a 4-day work week. A raw poll in Casper shows a vast majority seem to favor this idea.

Here is the original conversation as it appeared on our Facebook page.

This idea has become a topic of conversation again thanks in part to former Presidential candidate Andrew Yang as reported by the New York Post.

If you check out some of the most liked comments in the Facebook conversation, you'll get the idea of why our local peeps seem to favor this.

  • Vicki Sadlier Widiker - My first job I worked 4 10s. Loved it!!
  • Amanda Blackman - That’s what I used to have and I have never been so happy with my work-life balance as I was then. Best kind of schedule.
  • Jackson Greene I used to have a job like that once, it was pretty friggin' awesome!

9News in Denver reported that Jefferson County in Colorado is making this change for their government there.

Not everyone agrees that a 4-day work week and 3-day weekend is the way to go. TalentQ shared a number of reasons why they believe this is a terrible idea. They argue that competitors can take advantage of a business not being available during a weekday. They also argue against other studies that claim a 4-day work week is more productive and that it rewards bad management.

What do you think? Is a 4-day work week the path to a better life or just a trend that will eventually be proven wrong?

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