I'm fortunate to have heard some great Bigfoot stories in my life, but never one like the Wyoming family who encountered Sasquatch with their horse named "Dipwad".

This man's testimony about coming across a Bigfoot happened in the late 90's. Here's the video of his story:

He mentions coming across a couple of rock slides in the back country which he later believes may have been caused by Bigfoot trying to slow his travels.

I saw what looked like a tree stump for a moment, then it moved...a good-sized maybe 6 or 6 1/2 foot ape man affectionately called Sasquatch stood up from a crouched position facing away then turned to its right.

He said that Bigfoot then ate a rodent. By this point, Dipwad had not seen Bigfoot so he tried to keep the horse away from the big hairy ape view so it didn't get freaked out. When he got back to the rest of his group, they laughed big time when he told them about his Bigfoot moment. That changed a little later on in the story when they all saw Sasquatch again.

I won't giveaway the ending, but I definitely was entertained by this man's testimony. Does it make me believe Bigfoot is real now? Not sure about that, but any time there is a horse named Dipwad, I am always entertained.

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